Elope If It’s Right for You

Lots of people wrestle over whether or not to elope. Eloping was once considered scandalous, at least if you were upper class and a lot was riding on your marriage. Today, marriage is more of an emotional bond as opposed to a political contract. Elopement is definitely going to work better for some people.

Maybe you want to elope because you’re interested in a straightforward marriage ceremony. Maybe you want to elope because you don’t like the thought of a big wedding. In that case, I say go for it. You don’t owe anyone a big wedding, even if they say you do.

If you want to elope because you’re trying to avoid having to deal with your in-laws, that’s understandable. Obviously, it’s going to depend on the situation a lot. However, I’m still going to say that you should usually go with it. It’s your marriage, not theirs. If they’re going to ruin the wedding, you should stop them. They might be upset about it, but it’s possible that they’d be upset anyway. If it’s just a matter of choosing what they’re going to be upset about, then I still think you should make your wedding your own.

Obviously, you know your in-laws better than I do, and you know your situation. Sometimes placating them for one day is the right way to go, and sometimes you’re better off trying to slip beneath their notice. Everyone’s in-laws are different, and we weren’t all blessed with loving and understanding ones.

You may have the sort of in-laws that are going to give you embarrassing memories that you’ll have to live with for years, in which case, you’re better off eloping for the sake of your wedding album alone. If you have loving in-laws, you may regret it if you elope. However, your loving in-laws will want you to follow your bliss, which may not include a big and traditional wedding.

On the plus side, your in-laws will probably help you out more financially if you do decide to go with a traditional marriage. On the other hand, if you elope, you may not even need the help in the first place. Everything is a cost and benefit analysis, and I say weigh the pros and cons in favor of elopement.


You Can Have Whatever Weird Wedding You Want


You may think that your idea for a wedding is weird. Chances are, it really won’t be all that weird compared to what a lot of other people have come up with over the years. If you really want to have a Star Trek wedding, for instance, you should know that people have been literally doing that for generations now. You’re not alone. Really, Star Trek weddings have become traditional in their own right now, since they’ve been going on for so long.

If you want to play video game theme music during your wedding reception, I say go for it. Some of your guests aren’t even going to recognize it for what it is, since it may be a little before or after their time, depending on the person. If any of your guests do manage to recognize the music, chances are, they’ll actually be cool with it. Video games are cool now, and so is Star Trek. So what’s wrong with having a little of both at your wedding?

Some people like to go traditional when it comes to their weddings, and that’s perfectly fine. Not everyone is going to want to put a different spin on weddings. There’s no pressure. Weddings don’t have to be original, and really, no one is completely original when it comes to romance. The important thing is that weddings are good. Traditional weddings can certainly fall into that category if that’s what you want. Still, this is your day and your new spouse’s day, and you don’t have to let the people of the past influence your decision just because their wedding setup worked so well for them.

Are Bridezillas Real?

The question of whether or not maniacal brides are real is actually a very good one. Yes, many people swear by their existence like it’s a law of the universe, but their presence is certainly exaggerated in popular culture. The ladies on that Bridezilla reality show were paid to act like that, and the atrocious movie Bride Wars was by no means a documentary. Cat-fights in the aisle at a wedding do not occur in nature.

However, there are definitely women who go a little nuts when it comes to their weddings. This is kind of understandable when you consider that lots of women have been more or less raised to believe that this is supposed to be the one day in which you get to be a princess, at least apart from the prom. If you miss out on your one day to be a princess, it can be a real let-down. There’s also the fact that lots of women have been led to believe that it takes a great wedding to make for a happy marriage. A bad wedding, in marriage lore, is only going to lead to a bad marriage down the line.

If we want to cure Bridezilla tendencies, we’re going to have to go down to the basics. We’ll have to work together as a society to try to fix them, because the sufferers of this syndrome cannot be cured on their own. We’ll have to get together and make it clear that weddings are important, but they’re not the most important thing in the world. Rain on your wedding day doesn’t mean your marriage is headed for Seattle, so to speak, and Seattle is kind of a nice place.

You can be a princess every single day if you want, and you don’t have to save everything for this single day on any level. Your marriage and the love that it represents is what is going to count. The wedding, as fun and exciting as it is, is ultimately just a party. It should be a great party, but it isn’t the party to end all parties, at least not in a bad way.

Curing Bridezilla syndrome is going to take time. The roots are deep in the wedding industry and in our culture. However, it can be done. In the days when your parents just planned your whole wedding for you anyway, this was barely even a disease. It can go back to being dormant again.