You Can Have Whatever Weird Wedding You Want


You may think that your idea for a wedding is weird. Chances are, it really won’t be all that weird compared to what a lot of other people have come up with over the years. If you really want to have a Star Trek wedding, for instance, you should know that people have been literally doing that for generations now. You’re not alone. Really, Star Trek weddings have become traditional in their own right now, since they’ve been going on for so long.

If you want to play video game theme music during your wedding reception, I say go for it. Some of your guests aren’t even going to recognize it for what it is, since it may be a little before or after their time, depending on the person. If any of your guests do manage to recognize the music, chances are, they’ll actually be cool with it. Video games are cool now, and so is Star Trek. So what’s wrong with having a little of both at your wedding?

Some people like to go traditional when it comes to their weddings, and that’s perfectly fine. Not everyone is going to want to put a different spin on weddings. There’s no pressure. Weddings don’t have to be original, and really, no one is completely original when it comes to romance. The important thing is that weddings are good. Traditional weddings can certainly fall into that category if that’s what you want. Still, this is your day and your new spouse’s day, and you don’t have to let the people of the past influence your decision just because their wedding setup worked so well for them.