Inside My Wedding Day Bag of Tricks: a Stapler

Weddings cost as much as a down payment on a house these days. We are talking $30,000 to $50,000 and more. Who started this trend? No matter. It is on the upswing. You have to outdo the last one you attended no matter the cost. You have to up the ante with a novel venue, an amazingly creative cake, and super lavish flowers. Your reception hall should be off a lovely garden complete with fountain or pond with swans. As such, weddings are status symbols more than ceremonies and celebrations. So what is a budget conscious gal to do?

For one thing, you can do your own decorations with a little leg work and research. You can buy a variety of things as basic supplies and get ideas in magazines or online. You don’t have to go overboard as a few elegant flourishes will do. Select a color scheme for the event and the dominant table fabric such as net or satin. You want things to match. Then work around this palette with strategically placed details. The idea is to make sure the decorations are secure after they have been assembled and put in place. You wouldn’t want the embarrassment of anything falling down. You don’t want to overdo either, so that your installations are permanent fixtures and are impossible to take down.

One trick of the trade is to use a basic staple gun – electric or manual. You can install floral garlands and ribbons in a flash. You can populate a white trellis backdrop with fancy flowers or decorate around doors and windows. You can also repair anything that seems to be dangling precariously. You can also affix accessories to your table centerpieces such as miniature brides and grooms or wedding bells. A staple gun is your tool of choice for most wedding adornment. You could even use it to repair a ribbed bridesmaid’s hem! (Use only the tiniest staples please with a miniature device.)

A great part of the appeal of a wedding reception is the appearance of the venue. During daylight hours, you have scenic views to create ambience; but at night, you must rely on your ingenuity. The drabbest room can become exquisite with closed drapes, proper lighting, centerpieces, and random decorative accents. A good rule of thumb is to be consistent and not do things in a haphazard manner. Once you have a theme, stick with it top to bottom. Bridesmaid’s dresses and the bride’s bouquet are often aligned with these decorations as well. There is nothing worse than the makeshift look of borrowed items that hardly mix and match. Going cheaper does not mean looking cheap.

Thus, there is some outlay of funds required to do a beautiful job for a wedding reception, but using your own skills and those of your family and friends will keep the budget under control. You will save enormous amounts of money by not hiring a professional service for an exorbitant fee. You can apply your savings to the food and entertainment where it is difficult to “do it yourself.” My advice: start looking for bargain staplers now!