Must-Have Registry Item: Wine Glasses

It doesn’t have to be Saint Louis or Baccarat. It doesn’t have to come from France or Germany. It could, but then you would be taxing your wedding guests’ budgets. When placing wine glasses on your register, you need to go middle grade. You want something that is more than every day, but also that won’t break the bank. Speaking of breakage, there is nothing worse than shattering a $300 wine glass. So be sensible and select accordingly. You will be happy in the long run.

There are many fine brands that boast of a range of crystal from wine to water glasses and barware. Williams Sonoma for one online site has a nice assortment to please any and all tastes. People know the company and find it easy to work with the bridal registry. They can select your gift with relative ease. The same is true for Crate & Barrel. I, myself, recommend going with the obvious so people don’t have to search very hard or worry about credit card security. Yes, that issue is still of major concern.

China and wine glasses, not to mention silver place settings, are the main items on any wedding must have list. Linens, including sheets and towels, are important but less fun to buy. Know, as the bride, that Invitees of your big day like to pick something classy and showy budget permitting: hence the top choices given. Kitchen gadgets are low on the list but can be bought in bulk to add up to a nice “gift basket.” You can include as many as you can think of. So unless all your desired gifts are taken, you hope your guests will go for the most grand.

Getting back to choosing the best wine glasses for your wedding, and you will certainly need them, the bride and groom must select a style that complements their chosen china. It has to be either modern or old-fashioned to be a true match. I don’t like to see a couple select a plain modern plate like Wedgewood white and then a faceted ornamental glass that looks like is was on the table in Beauty and the Beast. This is the same for the silver pattern. Hopefully you will inherit some, if not a set, from grandma; but if not, it can run up in the hundreds for just one place setting, in spite of the fact that silver prices are down. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with stainless steel. People are getting more practical and modern all the time, and no one likes polishing.

As far as registries go, brides should give their guests a variety of options in all price ranges. Relatives give money, but people still enjoy the idea that you will get a wrapped and delivered gift from them. They know that their taste is reflected in their choice. It is not supposed to be about money, but thoughtfulness and an understanding of typical newlywed needs. Wine glasses have always been one of the best gifts in terms of appropriateness, price, and quality. A gift of four or more says that your guest has clearly understood.