One of my All-Time Best Planner Secrets

I don’t like to give away all my wedding planner secrets, but sometimes you just gotta crow. It makes me feel good. There are all kinds of tips and tricks of the trade to make the big day go smoother for all involved. As there can be a great deal of stress in planning a wedding, you have to have mental and physical stamina for the job. Some tips pertain to the venue, and others to the bride and groom. There are literally thousands of details to remember, and any shortcuts are welcome. If you can’t get it all done before the wedding, then it will be doomed to failure.

One area that is often the bane of my existence are the flowers. They can make or break the ambience. You have to have the right quantity and the right color scheme to please the happy couple. In addition, if they are delivered too early or are not fresh, they will wilt. If the climate is not humid, but is excessively dry, this will add to the problem. I have to do whatever I can at the last minute to salvage a dried up crop. This means thinking in advance and anticipating problems.

For example, I keep a large portable cool-mist humidifier in my van for certain occasions when the flowers are just not up to par. This has happened more than once. I don’t like toting this unwieldy monster, but believe me it does the job. The water tank is 3 gallons which can cover a fairly decent size room or reception hall in the wedding venue. It can be used before the flowers are installed or after. (Just don’t forget to remove it before the ceremony.) More than one wedding reception has been saved as a result.

A little steam or mist goes a long way toward restoring flowers to their optimal appearance. It is liquid food for their souls. You don’t even have to leave the humidifier on that long to see results. Be mindful, however, that the bride and bridesmaids may sneak over to the unit to get a dewy, glowing look. Dry skin on wedding day is not a healthy sign! In the meantime, the humidifier is pretty quiet while it operates and you almost don’t know it is there.

What you want is a console model that offers a moisture-rich environment on the spot. Mine uses the evaporative method and it makes for a pleasant atmosphere. It can run continuously for an entire day on one tank of water. I have an adjustable humidistat that automatically turns the humidifier on and off at a preset level. It is really a no brainer. These devices are easy to fill, safe, and only need an occasional filter replacement. You don’t have to have dried up flowers to appreciate their work. People with asthma, colds and coughs, and certain health conditions swear by them in their homes. I might just have need for my humidifier on non-wedding days.