Destination Wedding Activities

Everyone wants a wedding like no other in a place that is unique, scenic, and picturesque. No run of the mill ceremony or reception. It is a once in a lifetime event. You don’t have to search long and hard as there are so many wonderful places to have a destination wedding. You can rent just about any kind of resort or hotel ball room, someone’s private home with a garden, a mountain retreat or even a beach venue. Each option has its benefits and attractions. It just takes some imagination and planning. A good wedding planner will put everything in place to your perfect satisfaction once you have made your needs known. It is always a custom event and it has to reflect the couple’s personality and what kind of experience they hope for their guests. It has to be a day like no other documented with ample photographs.

At a destination wedding, it is advisable to provide activities to keep your guests busy so they don’t spend all their time at the hotel bar. This is especially true if you have planned a day of socializing before the ceremony. People have a tendency to congregate when they could be having group fun. Take a beach wedding, for example. You want them to participate in team sports and some fun beach games you have set up for their amusement. This way people can meet and mingle. You know the deal. People often encounter the love of their life at a wedding. After all, there are plenty of singles your age looking for a connection. If you have events for them to keep them preoccupied and in touch, you may be instigating a romance or two right in the midst of the actual wedding.

Beach volleyball is a greater mixer. You just have to tell people to bring appropriate attire. Everyone loves it and it can be for men and women. Just start with a few volunteers. Those who want to lay around under the beach umbrella can toss a few inflated balls or build sand castles. Maybe offer a prize for the best one. People like to play card or board games if they are reclining in chairs. Others will walk under the delightful rays of the burning sun. People will find their own way if you provide plenty of options. Just swimming is enough to keep most happy on a very hot day.

Many couples who engage beach venues like to have the ceremony by the water on the sand. People can stay in swimsuits and cover-ups or change to finer attire. If you are at the beach, there are certain assumptions. It is going to be casual. The reception can be right there nearby with tables of simple food covered by colorful umbrellas. Tropical drinks can be passed while they eat. The kind with little umbrellas. Decorations go with the territory. Paper plates strewn with shells accompany beach pails laden with flowers. All in all, it is youthful and amusing. Everyone is bound to have fun.