Fun with Registries

Look at any wedding registry and you will see the same items every time. There are sets of china and silver and an assortment of serving platters, napkins and tablecloths, toasters, portable ovens, and coffeemakers. You will find an oddity from time to time like luggage, but mostly it is practical stuff with which you can cook and serve a meal. A bride wants fabulous cookware that she herself can’t afford and she would adore getting silver trays and crystal decanters. All kinds of decorative objects for the house are on registries. It is up to the bride to be comprehensive and clever to get what she needs. If you have a lot of friends, your list will diminish. If you don’t, keep it sparse so you will get the top items.

I know some brides who crave artwork, knickknacks like ceramic figurines, and even cookbooks. The wedding guest will have a lot of choice in this case. They usually pick applying their own personal taste. Composing a good registry is a challenge and a requirement. If a bride has a fun and frivolous spirit, she can pad the list with ridiculous but desirable objects for vacation like a 2 person towable tube. You might as well put the boat on your list. Ha! Just kidding. Likely a bride who owns a boat would want a tube to attach to it for water recreation. No doubt a kindred spirit would select this item as a gift that would be meaningful. It would signal that the person understands the bride deep down inside and knows that she prefers fun to cooking and serving. Not everyone wants a 12-piece set of china that she will rarely use. As for silver, it is passé. People use stainless steel or silver plate that you don’t have to polish incessantly. This kind of bride wants to get real. What will I enjoy for years to come? You can always buy dishes, etc. later on after you have been married a while. You might want to go on your honeymoon to the shore, so the inflatable tube will be right along with you. Okay, it is not exactly practical like most things on a registry, but it has its merits—a lot of them for some people.

I know one bride who had a reputation for adventure. She was a hiker, a daredevil, and a free spirit. It did not surprise people that she included an inflatable tube on her registry list. They were slightly amused but not aghast. So indeed someone bought the tube right out of the box to her great glee. She spent more time planning the water recreation vacation honeymoon than she did the wedding. She had a van to tote the tube and her husband was quite in sync. He liked to ride as much as she did and he took care of the boat rental. The wedding album included photos of them on the water. What else would you expect?