Unique Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Ideas

I believe in expediting a wedding in a unique way. That is what brides want right now. They want to be different. They want a dream wedding like no other—one of a kind. That seems to be important to most. No cookie cutter experience they say. We all know that when you take chances with the basics, things can go wrong. On the other hand, it can be the most memorable day of your life. So let me innovate for you and let’s see some surprises so people will talk about your wedding for days after. One new gimmick that has been fun for my clients is to get the ring bearer and flower girl down the ideal with grace and ease. Some kids wander off or stumble, giving shivers to the wedding planner every time. These kids are just so young—about age three. They are carrying flowers or a pillow with a ring on it and things can go wrong.

What to do for a fool-proof event? Practicing ahead of time helps. Not giving the children items that are too big for them also is wise. Give them their items just before they step down the aisle so they don’t have time to drop them. Now for a bit of humor, I also have used small tricycles to carry the ring bearer swiftly down the aisle so he doesn’t tarry. It is so darn cute in any case. You can decorate the little bike with small flowers and ribbons. You aim the kid as you place him on the trike and down the aisle the goes to everyone’s delight. If your ring bearer is a bit too frisky to control, you can put the flower girl on the best bike for a 3 year old that we could find with a net basket attached to the back so that petals will drop out as she progresses. Girls that age tend to be more coordinated than boys so this may be your first choice.

Wow! What a cute ride to the altar. This hopefully won’t detract from the bride herself. Unlikely, but it may be some competition for guests’ attention. People will appreciate the creativity shown with the traditional rituals and will beam smiles at the young wedding party attendants. Who knew a bike would have a place in the church! It is better than mom or dad lifting the ring bearer or flower girl who has gone astray. No, this is a far better idea. Kids take to bikes and will be willing to do whatever you want. Just set them in the right direction. Then the designated rider can take the bike hope as a bridal gift, complete with decorations. It is sure to make for some adorable wedding party photos. I have samples on my website so you can see what I have in mind. You will see a variety of wedding colors and floral choices.